Saturday, May 27, 2017

Weekly Book News

Weekly Book News- my occasional recap of what I will read, did read, am reading.. you know, just bookish chat.

I have had such good reads lately, and can thank my Amazon gift card for that. I was able to pick up a few titles that I had my eye on and sprinkle them with some library new-releases. Can't complain.

What I read:

All the Best People by Sonja Yeorg
genre: hmm-- possibly contemporary/historical family fiction would sum it up
{I'm from now on substituting family fiction for "women's" fiction, which sounds so 1950-ish if you think about it}
also by this author: House Broken & The Middle of Somewhere---I've read all three
Very Good!

I recommend this author for thoughtful style writing that pulls you in. This title was more melancholy than her two previous, and still quite enjoyable for me. Made me think! It's not just about mental illness. That's just one part of the plot, actually. I discovered that's not the primary connecting theme between the grandmother, mother, and daughter in one family. It is about relationships between the "best" people & the "have-nots": between men and women's place in society, the wealthy and those barely paying the bills, the ones born attractive and the ones more plain, even religions claiming superiority to others. Okay... not as heavy as my description just made it! Some on GR even classified this as "chick-lit", another term I don't like to use. It is definitely not in this genre, in my opinion!

This points out why I am putting aside more titles lately if they don't pull me in, and then going back to them later. I talked about this title earlier in the week and said I wasn't sure if I was feeling it. So, I started in on my Anita Shreve book then picked it up again and sure enough, I connected, big-time! I just won't call any book a DNF unless I made a mistake and picked up a book that I totally won't read-- such as erotica-- or I pick up a book I don't know anything about-- and the writing style is so unprofessional that it ruins the enjoyment for me. Sometimes I have to ruminate about a plot and then pick up the book again to see what else it has to offer.

Reading now:

The Stars Are Fire by Anita Shreve 
-coincidentally another historical (1940s Maine) that also deals with the relationships between men & women, and wealthy & poor-- with an emphasis on feminism. I've read a bunch of Ms. Shreve's books, but usually I prefer her oldest titles better. I took a chance on this one. So far, very good! Only thing that bothers me is POV: third-person, present tense.

EDIT: Just finished last night, stayed up late turning the pages. For a book that I wasn't even sure that I would like, I loved it! The beginning is a bit slow for a couple of chapters, but stay with it. One of my favorite books of 2017!

The Deep End by Julie Mulhern (book #1 in a cozy-ish mystery/family fiction series)-- only read one chapter so far while I thought about All the Best People for this post and started The Stars Are Fire, but I know I'll like it just fine.

Thinking Ahead:
Well, I have my last book downloaded from the gift card I could pick up, a total 180 change from the titles I've been reading lately. So maybe....

Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop
- #4 in The Others series UF (one of only two UF series that I currently read, the other being the Mercy Thompson one by Patricia Briggs).

... or one of my older titles lingering on my Kindle. Who knows, but I'm hoping whatever it is that it's an enjoyable read for me!

What I'm hoping to pick up in June:

Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy- 6/6/17 publication

I'm going to be linking back up this weekend to my dear blogging friends:
Kim @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer on Sunday

Kathryn @ Book Date on Monday

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