Monday, June 19, 2017

See You Soon!

I got the feeling this morning when I was faced with a long to-do list... that it's that time again, folks... Con te partiro`... I'm moving cross-country in July and it's a massive chore to get prepared, drive (my son is driving our car with me as hostage passenger) and unpack at other end. But it will be worth it with the first step on that beach at sunset :)

...but I've left you with an uplifting gift to listen to. Please turn on your volume and click the link above. It should be totally safe-- I've had no problems at all opening it.

Remember, I'm on Goodreads as RitaH 
I have a bunch of you as friends but am willing to add more; send me a message! I'll be adding to my "read books" shelf as that occurs, and updating my "wish list aka to read list" also. I might even start adding mini reviews on there too as I go along. I'll also try to make time to visit some of your blogs and leave comments as time-- and wifi connection-- allows, over the next two months. Should be back blogging mid-August! Despite being "off-blog" I will honor my summer NetGalley arc requests, and write up reviews for the books listed in the sidebar. They will appear on my blog and GR sometime over the next 2 months. I have several more titles lined up for the Fall, also-- stay tuned!

I can also be reached for book chat-- or whatever-- @ blog email address:

Enjoy your summer.... enjoy your books..... enjoy peace! hugs, Rita

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