Monday, June 19, 2017

Review: The Right Side

The Right Side by Spencer Quinn

I received this from the publisher through NetGalley for a fair and honest opinion
stand-alone from the author of the Chet & Bernie Mystery Series (I haven't read this)
Kindle Edition: 336 pages
Expected publication: June 27th 2017 by Atria Books 
genre: mystery, general fiction, animal companion story, returning U.S. Vet fiction 
if this was a movie, it would be rated: PG-13 for detailed description of war scenes, war injuries, coarse language
my rating: 4.5/5, rounded up to 5/5
I rate the books I read for NetGalley based on my own enjoyment only, unless the story is (very) poorly or fantastically written.  Then I take that into consideration too.
I loved this book! At first I thought it might be too much of a downer for me, 
but it turned out to be uplifting in certain ways. 
LeAnne is wounded overseas in Afghanistan during the war, and is sent back to
Walter Reed Army Hospital stateside to recuperate. However, she leaves before
her mental and physical wounds have healed. She's out to right a wrong for a
fellow soldier who was worried about her daughter left behind. She heads out on a
cross-country, rambling trip to offer her help. But because of shrapnel left in her 
brain-- it's not in a position to safely operate-- LeAnne suffers long and short 
term memory loss and confusion, but when she remembers she is pure in her 
emotion and so real!
I don't usually read these types of stories because I get my (over)fill of war 
news on tv every day, but there was something about the cover that grabbed me.
This is not just LeAnne's story; this is a story of a dog that takes the help
she needs from her new human companion and gives it back double. LeAnne suffers
from the loss of her right eye, so even just everyday life is a complicated affair,
but Goody intuitively senses her friend's disability and assists her. This didn't
seem too far-fetched to me, because we adopted a dog who is very in tune with our
illnesses, injuries, and moods. 

So far the author has stated that there is no sequel and he is now working on 
another Chet and Bernie installment. I hope he changes his mind because I enjoyed 
the "realness" and impulsiveness of LeAnne's personality. Without spoiling anything,
I believe that the story was definitely left in such a way that it could be 
continued without loss of plot fluidity. Perhaps Mr. Quinn is waiting to see how
his audience accepts this book, stepping out of his lighter writing style. 
Recommended... if you understand that it will be melancholy.
Another good choice, from: NetGalley 

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