Monday, July 24, 2017

Final Thoughts Before Leaving

Howdy friends! Miss you all, miss book chat, just miss saying hi to all of you. Of course I have the best excuse...ugh! I hate moving-- done it enough in my lifetime-- but still never care for any of it. But hubs and I are plugging away. I do the wrapping of fragile items, wash & store clothes/bedding, and decision-making on piles of documents and mementos, while hubby does the grunt work.

Luckily we are ridding ourselves of much of the "nonsense stuff" here and our older furniture. My brother is giving us a beautiful bedroom set because he bought a new one (he's moving to his new house less than 2 hours away from ours, as soon as his northern house sells). I'm selling my major appliances & coffee table set, etc on Craigslist. Younger daughter who lent us most of the money to move is already on the east coast cocooning with her older sister's family. Son is also on the east coast, taking his Bar Exam for two days this week. Send up good thoughts or prayers for him please! He's returning the end of the week and then he will drive me in my car cross-country. Arizona, New Mexico, Texas... all the way across to NC. Are you tired yet? Just reading back what I wrote makes me so tired...

So... our internet goes off soon here and will be reconnected in our new home the week of Aug. 5th. I'm signing off from my pc until then so <wave> ((hug)) and <3 to you all until then! ~Rita

Some enjoyable titles I've read recently, depending on the mood you're in:
I Know A Secret by Tess Gerritsen
Afterlife by Marcus Sakey
The Mourning Parade by Dawn Reno Langley
Nothing Stays Buried by PJ Tracy

and reading now- both very good!:
The Late Show by Michael Connelly
Down A Dark Road by Linda Castillo
Happy Summer!